Anna Giannis is an international stylist that knows a thing or two about bedding. She had launched her own collection in New York years ago and now back in Australia Anna, decorates beautiful homes and styles them for the property market.

“As a designer and a stylist it is important to create a wow factor in the bedrooms. These rooms are the havens that people are seeking for rest and relaxation. The master bedroom and all of the bedrooms need to look effortless but sophisticated and the Private Collection Etoile White does just that!”

“The crisp whiteness of the Chishwick Collection was so elegant and sublime”.

All of the pieces of the collection were so versatile and coordinated. The hand feel of the duvet cover was so ever soft. The look is classic but yet fresh and has a timeless feel.


It is great to have choice and colour when styling bedrooms and Private Collection Menzies Silver offers just that. The soft grey color in this collection is versatile and the textures and weaves offered in the European Pillows also adds another dimension.

To create a touch of glamour I threw onto the bed the stunning velvet Symphony cushions, to complete that wow look!